Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Years Worth of Life

I cant believe that it has been over a year since i updated this thing. So much has happened in our family. We added a new addition. Nayson was born July 7th 2009. He is amazing and we all just love him to pieces.
Just like the other 3 my pregnancy was a rough one. I was so sick. This time though I told the Dr right away that I needed to have a PICC line put in or I would end up in the hospital and have to have one anyway. He listened and thank goodness!! I was able to bypass the hospital stay!! I was sick but happy to be home with my fam.
The no hospital stay didnt last long though. When I was about 51/2 months along I had a stroke. Yes, you read that right!! I had a stroke. I woke up from a nap one evening and felt funny. I tried to walk into the kitchen and was so dizzy and I was stumbling into the walls. I felt sick to my stomach and my head felt fuzzy. When I reached the kitchen my left leg had gone numb. I totally thought that the baby was on a nerve or something and that I wasnt feeling good because of the pregnancy. I went to a church meeting at a friends house. She lives across the street so as I walked over I realized I could hardly walk. I had to drag my left leg. Stephen made fun of me all night and told me to stop it and walk normal. Needless to say he now feels awful!!! The next morning I woke up and in the shower I was shaving my leg and was scared to death when I could not feel the razor on my leg. I imediately called my ob and got right in. When he saw me and asked my ?s about how I felt he said hang on and walked out of the room. He came back in on the phone with a neurlogist. I was rushed to the hospital at that point and put through what seemed like every test that you hear on all the tv shows. It took hours. Stephen who had been with me the whole time had to go home to get our kids that were getting off the bus. I was all alone and feeling silly that everyone was making such a big deal over this. I mean it was just the baby on my nerves right? Wrong!! As I sat there feeling like I just wanted to go home my ob came in and said that they finally knew what was wrong. He seemed very happy and up beat so I figured that I was gonna be able to go home and soak in a nice warm tub and try to wash all of this chaos away. Then he dropped the bomb. He told me that I had had a stroke!! I felt so completely all alone at that moment. I was shocked. I tried really hard to hold it together and not fall apart until he left. Just as he walked out a nurse walked in and she got to witness my break down. I called stephen and told him and he rushed back to the hospital.
I was subjected to more tests to find out why a 30 year old woman in pretty good health with no risk factors except familyl history would have a stroke. My neurologist (who is a pitbull) left no stone unturned. I ended up having a huge team of docters. I was also kind of a freak of sorts because I was brought up in medical meetings. I later found out from one of the nurses that everyone was advised that if I called for anything they were to run to my room to make sure I was okay. I was sent up to Salt Lake to a cardiovascular surgion. they ran some tests and it came back that I had a hole in my heart!! I had to have a procedure done to close the hole. Keep in mind that I am still preggers. They went through my femeral vein in my thigh and up to my heart and inserted a device to close it off. I was awake the whole time. They couldnt put me out because of the baby. It was so weird to feel something being inserted into my heart.
I recovered from that and started to work on my leg. It was so hard and a lot of work. But I can now able to walk with no sign that I even was impaired at one time. I am so thankful for all the prayers and love that I recieved during that time. I still have some things that I have to deal with because of the stroke but they are minor and I will take them over any of the alternatives any day!!!
Our family is happy and healthy now and are truely blessed!!! Life is amazing!! I sure dont take things like walking for granted anymore. Each day is precious never forget that. Things can change so quickly!!! May God bless you and your family!! We love y'all!!


Emily said...

It was so good to see you and your cute family over the summer! Hope you have a fabulous new year!

Anonymous said...

That is so scary! I bet it feels good to be on the other side of the experience and starting a fresh new year.

roylancemommy said...

Hey you! This is Aimee (Nolan) I cannot believe what you have been through! I am so glad you are ok and your family is doing well. We have to catch up sometime :)